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My name is Conny Cannizzo and my PASSION is much more than just cooking. It is the Amore & Fantasia, the love and fantasy that go along with it

Just as the Island of Oahu has shown me its treasures and the people have shown me their ways of love and compassion I want to be able to share my knowledge and love for what “REAL” Italian cooking entails.

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Conny Cannizzo
Personal Chef Kailua Hawaii


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Personal chef Conny Cannizzo, Personal private chef hawaii Hi love cooking
Fresh pasta salad in the jar

I Always loved my mother glass jar, filled with spices, pickled vegetables, dry tomato, this memory inspired me to put my fresh food into a jar, to make your weakly meals more easy to bring with you at work, at the beach or to enjoy with your friends. Whether we prepare it together during a lesson or I make it for you, this will give you more time to enjoy your life.

Personal chef Conny Cannizzo hi love cooking
Zucca alla stemperata (pumpkin squash alla siciliana)

The zucca alla stemperata is one of my favorite traditional Sicilian recipes. I prepare this course with Squash, White vinegar, olives, capers and mint, the scent of these ingredients, will make you fall in love with the Sicilian kitchen.