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My name is Conny Cannizzo and my PASSION is much more than just cooking. It is the Amore & Fantasia, the love and fantasy that go along with it.

Imagine Sicily in the 80’s. At the age of 12 with a kitchen full of colors and smells of FRESH vegetables and fruits, that was the day my passion for cooking was born. Of course at the time I also had another passion I was pursuing, but found it was not nearly as rewarding as cooking.

Cooking is SIMPLY enjoyable, it is effortless and brings me an immense gratification. In need of a change, fate brought me to live in Oahu, which needless to say is the epitome of beauty and grace, it was the “Aloha Spirit” that brought my heart at ease and that sense of belonging when you’re home.

Just as the Island of Oahu has shown me its treasures and the people have shown me their ways of love and compassion I want to be able to share my knowledge and love for what “REAL” Italian cooking entails. Bringing together the many different styles of Mediterranean and North Italy cooking each one unique in its own way and using RAW ingredients, there is so much I desire to share.

So embark on this journey with me, you will SEE, TASTE & LEARN the many different flavors and colors of my cooking!
I will finally have the opportunity to share my culture, knowledge, and my passion with the rest of the Island.

Happy to share
with you my passion for the Italian Kitchen

aranchini di riso
Arancini di riso

my special Arancini di Riso, made with saffron rice,filled with white mushroom, gorgonzola cheese and shallot. Crunchy outside and creamy inside, served with a mushroom cream and a chip of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, finished with a tear of Traditional Balsamic vinegar of Modena

Tortelloni Vecchia modena
Tortelloni Vecchia Modena

As off an old Modenese traditional dish, my tortelloni filled with ricotta and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and spinach saltati in padella with crispy pancetta, shallot and balsamic vinegar to give to this dish a unique sour, salty and sweet taste like our old Modena town.

Mushroom Bruschetta
Mushroom Bruschetta

made from scratch Tuscany bread, topped with extra virgin olive oil, mushroom and Taleggio cheese. You will experience the original taste of an old Tuscany village.

Panna Cotta
Panna Cotta, topped with seasonal fruits

Panna cotta topped with seasonal fruits and fresh ginger from our island. Refresh your palate with this sour and sweet creamy spoon dessert